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        1.Gathered green building materials product certification technical experts, the Promotion Office was jointly established by the three government departments to ensure that the exhibition is forward-looking, scientific and technological.Guangdong Province Green Building Materials Product Working Group was established by Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong Province, and Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province. The working group set up a green building materials product promotion office, which belongs to the Guangdong Provincial Constriction Sustainable & Prefabricated Industry Association, providing policy consultation and technical support. 
        2.Taking advantage of the whole industry chain, the expo will hold ten themed exhibition areas to promote the project development.Including: Guangdong Province Green Building Excellent Project Exhibition Area; Guangdong Province Prefabricated Construction Industry Base, Demonstration Project Excellent Achievement Exhibition Area; Prefabricated Building Design and Information Management Exhibition Area; Prefabricated Building and Engineering Technology Exhibition Area; Prefabricated Decoration Integration Exhibition Area; Building Industrial Equipment Exhibition Area; Passiveultra-low Energy Green Building Exhibition area; Green Building Materials Exhibition Area; Green Building Materials Certification and Testing Exhibition Area; Livable Farm House Construction and Rural Revitalization Exhibition Area.
        3.Green Building Materials Certification and Testing Exhibition Area is specially found to provide free consulting services for building materials production enterprises to participate in green building materials product certification and accelerate the promotion and application of it.
        4.As one of the highest industry exhibition platform, GBPB 2021 is committed to help companies expand the network resources of owners, developers, construction units, design institutes, material and equipment vendors, international trader, and social organizations to increase the strategic procurement cooperation opportunities.
        5.Using the big data marketing to achieve accurate matching and increase the business cooperation between exhibitors and buyers. Meanwhile, with the Cloud Momentum of the organizer, the expo is committed to build a new global technology exhibition platform to realize the 365-day and 24-hour exhibitions.
        6.Cooperated with 300+ multilingual leading media, including trade magazines, professional websites, industry forums, mainstream social media, mass media and webpages, videos, SMS, H5, WeChat, official accounts, and live streams etc. to maximize the global exposure.
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